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Course Description

This short course pulls together the basic principles of risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication. It is a generic overview with some focus on food safety from an international perspective, and serves as a contextual primer for anyone interested in or involved with a broad range of risk analysis activities, regardless of application.

This 2-week online course is designed to meet the needs of newer members of the risk analysis community or other professionals that do not intend to take further courses in risk analysis but need to understand the general concepts.

A brief introduction to risk analysis is included in our online ‘Food Safety Risk Management’ course; therefore JIFSAN does not require the participant to take this overview course in order to get the Core risk analysis certificate. However, if you are planning to take only Food Safety Risk Assessment and/or Risk Communication we strongly recommended that this course is taken before, as it provides contextual information about risk analysis that is not repeated in the assessment and communication courses.

The course

  • Provides an introduction to the terminology, concepts, tools and techniques used in food safety risk analysis
  • Acquaints students with the predominant risk analysis models
  • Provides an overview of the tasks and issues associated with risk management and risk communication
  • Introduces some of the tools of risk assessment

Prerequisite: None