Introductory/Intermediate Quantitative Risk Assessment for Food Safety
Risk Analysis
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This one-week course covers the core principles of Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and where it fits into the risk analysis process, and can be taken individually or as a pre-requisite for the advanced quantitative risk assessment class taught the following week. This course provides participants with a strong, applied foundation in stochastic processes, probabilistic risk assessment and Monte Carlo simulation, as well as hands-on knowledge on the latest methods to perform QRAs, including fitting distributions to observational and experimental data, combining different sources of information, and using expert opinion. Participants learn how to build risk assessment models using Excel and @RISK, but the lessons apply equally to other modeling environments.

No quantitative background is required as no equations or mathematical results will be derived. Although basic working knowledge of Excel is desirable, no prior experience with @RISK or other simulation tools is required. Please review this document for suggested material to study prior to the class.