Risk Ranking and Risk-Based Food Inspection Systems
Risk Analysis
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Course Description

Many countries in the world have experienced an exponential increase in the number of food establishments that produce and market food under their jurisdiction. Authorities, however, have experienced a significant decrease in the resources (monetary and personnel) to carry out inspection and surveillance activities. This situation requires countries to optimize and focus their resources to food products and establishments that represent the highest public health risk. This is also true for the private industry where they need to focus their monitoring and verification activities to the hazards, providers and food products that pose the highest risk. This requires the use of risk ranking tools so countries can identify their food safety priorities (biological and chemical) and develop accordingly a risk-based inspection and surveillance. This can also serve as the identification of national food safety issues that will require a risk assessment.

This course is mainly intended for risk managers at the Ministries of Health and Agriculture in charge of food safety and also quality control and food safety managers from the food industry.