The JIFSAN Risk Analysis 3-Month Extended Internship

Since 2011 JIFSAN has offered a 3 month summer internship program building knowledge in the area of food safety risk analysis. The training officially starts at the onset of our Summer program and includes all of the Quantitative Track Courses.

Overview of Risk Analysis --- June 9
Risk Communication --- June 10 - 12
Risk Management --- June 13, 16, 17
Risk Assessment --- June 18 - 20
Quantitative Risk Assessment --- June 23 - 27

This is immediately followed by approximately 9 weeks of project development.

It is essential that the candidate and the JIFSAN mentor are in contact prior to the arrival of the candidate in order to clearly define and discuss the project scope.

Identifying the project scope is the responsibility of the selected candidate. This allows the candidate to focus on what interests them.  Doing this allows the program to develop around their project.  The speakers, field trips, etc., will all revolve around the development of the group projects.  This means no two internships are identical, they are all customized to meet your needs.  It allows you to come face to face with key policy and decision makers in both private and public organizations.  You can ask questions directly and this behavior is encouraged.  The answers can be directed toward helping you complete your goals in the context of your individual project.  There is no other program like this that we know of that gets you so up close and personal to those who can aid in your personal development.

Project development (9 weeks)

The selected candidate must come to JIFSAN with a clearly defined project that he or she can focus on after taking the course work. The project should have been discussed and approved previously with the JIFSAN mentor and both should agree on the project scope and goals. JIFSAN will provide the facilities and guidance so the project can be completed at the end of the 3 months.

Participant qualifications: It is important the candidate be proficient in Microsoft Excel (to be used in the QRA class), have a solid background in statistics, be fluent in English and have a proposed project.

Sponsors are responsible for all costs associated with the program including program costs, travel which includes airfares, lodging, and daily expenses.

The program is long and labor intensive, and the candidate should carefully consider if they can commit to the full time process prior to signing up.   However those who make the leap are forever changed by the experience and the 3-month time frame and associated costs are well worth the relationships you will build and the wealth of experience will receive.

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