Dr. Clare Narrod Presents Risk Analysis Overview to Costco Wholesale

This fall, JIFSAN’s Dr. Clare Narrod presented a one-day overview of risk analysis to Costco’s Global Product Safety and Quality team members. On November 5, 2014, twenty-five team members from the United States, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, the UK, Canada and Mexico travelled to Issaquah, Washington to participate in the Annual Food Safety Summit.

Costco Wholesale and their 400 plus membership warehouses are known in the industry for their attention to food safety. The company focuses on company-wide food safety training and ensuring that food is manufactured and packaged with top level quality food safety practices. Because of the vast number of employees and the large size of the operation, it’s important for Costco to maintain structured and effective safety programs and policies. Learning about and using risk analysis methods can help systematically address and improve food safety issues.

Dr. Narrod is a Research Scientist and Manager for JIFSAN’s Risk Analysis Program. For more information on Dr. Narrod’s work, or on the Risk Analysis Program, visit our website at and follow us on Twitter (@JIFSAN).