Risk Analysis Training Program Takes Place in Malaysia’s International Food Safety Training Laboratory

JIFSAN started off the new year with a one-week Risk Analysis training program in Malaysia. From January 12-17, Dr. Robert Buchanan and Dr. Clare Narrod presented Risk Analysis for Risk Managers to thirty participants. The participants were from universities, the private sector, and the National and the State Food Safety and Quality Division of the Ministry of Health in Malaysia.DSC05154

“It has been exciting working with these groups to discover how Risk Analysis techniques can help them enhance the level of food safety in Malaysia,” Buchanan observed.

The course was made up of lectures on the role of risk analysis, risk management, and risk communication. The lecturers also discussed the role of risk analysis in the United States and Malaysian rule-making process. Participants had the opportunity to get actively involved in group exercises.

"This course has enlightened me in the concept of Risk Analysis especially in the risk communication," Malaysian participant Tuan Zainazor said.DSC05071

The course focused on identifying risks in selected foods, developing risk profiles of that commodity, creating pathway analysis and developing event trees, and communicating efforts to control risks to both decision makers and the public.

“The exercises reinforced what the students learned. It was impressive hearing the students present their findings,” Narrod shared.

The Risk Analysis training program is a part of the three-year agreement with the University of Maryland, the Malaysia Ministry of Health, and the Delta Professional Consultancy. The agreement is focused on establishing a food safety training center in Malaysia. For more information, visit

DSC05066"This training has equipped me on the knowledge on risk analysis and inspired me on the research and data to be collected," participant Dr. Lesley Maurice Bilung said.

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