Summer Risk Fellows to Attend Annual IAFP Meeting and FDA-iRISK Workshop in Portland, OR

This week, JIFSAN's six summer extended fellows will travel to Portland, Oregon to attend the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting from Saturday, July 25 to Tuesday, July 28. On Friday, the fellows will participate in a pre-conference workshop entitled "An Introduction to FDA-iRISK®: a Comparative Risk Assessment Tool". The workshop will enable the fellows to better understand what FDA-iRISK is and how it works. As the fellows are currently building their own quantitative risk assessment models at JIFSAN, the workshop materials will be useful for their research.

This year's group of summer extended fellows includes two fellows from China, two from Taiwan, and one each from Thailand and Bangladesh. For these six fellows, the IAFP Annual Meeting is an exciting opportunity to learn about current and emerging food safety issues and to network with other food safety professionals from around the world.


Earlier this month, the fellows visited the USDA Office of Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis (ORACBA). This photo was taken with their mentor and JIFSAN Risk Analysis Program Manager Clare Narrod, and ORACBA Director Linda Abbott.