JIFSAN presented a Risk Analysis training program in Beijing, China (March 14-17, 2016)


JIFSAN Risk Analysis Training program in China, March 2016.

JIFSAN recently delivered a Risk Analysis training program at the China National Center for Food Safety and Risk Assessment (CFSA) in Beijing. The goal of the program was to introduce how risk analysis is used in the U.S. regulatory process and discuss the importance of presenting decision makers with well-informed policy options supported by sound analysis. Drs. Clare Narrod and Robert L. Buchanan of the University of Maryland presented a one-day Risk Analysis for Risk Managers training, while Dr. Emma Hartnett of Risk Sciences International gave a two-day training on how to use the FDA-iRISK tool. The program also included a symposium whereby CFSA colleagues shared their perspective on risk analysis practices in the Chinese food safety regulatory system, and past CFSA participants in JIFSAN’s Extended Fellowship Program presented on the post-fellowship use of their risk assessment models in China.