JIFSAN Teams Up with EpiX Analytics


JIFSAN is proud to partner with EpiX Analytics to bring you a world class training program. The Quantitative and Advanced Quantitative Risk Assessment Training courses will be offered in the Fall of 2013 in College Park, MD.

EpiX Analytics was founded with one goal in mind: to provide pragmatic answers to decision makers using sound quantitative methods. With over 20 years of analytical experience, its consultants have strived to stay on the cutting edge of quantitative modeling and analytical methods to provide their clients and research partners with the most current and sound answers to their decision questions.

So, what makes EpiX Analytics different from other risk analysis and statistical consultancies out there? There are many factors that differentiate it from the rest, but the key is that EpiX Analytics has recognized quantitative modeling experts, that know how to communicate results to an ever evolving audience, and given their breadth of experience, they always customize solutions to the specific client's needs and requirements. Its consultants understand that each project is different and that effectively communicating with clients is vital to the success of a project.

EpiX Analytics provides independent consulting, training, and research services, and its consultants are experts in using any of the popular Monte Carlo tools such as Crystal Ball, @RISK as well many statistical packages including the R statistical language and WinBugs/OpenBUGS. As a recognized leader in the field of risk analysis and decision modeling, EpiX Analytics is committed to helping clients use modeling techniques to improve the quality of their decisions.

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