NEW COURSE: Advanced Quantitative Risk Assessment Training

NEW COURSE: Advanced Quantitative Risk Assessment Training

We are pleased to announce our Advanced Quantitative Risk Assessment Training course which will be offered Fall 2013 at JIFSAN's training facilities in College Park, MD.

JIFSAN will partner with EpiX Analytics to offer a course thatĀ gives participants more hands on experience in building and working with quantitative risk assessment models building on what they learned in the introductory quantitative risk assessment program at JIFSAN or courses taken elsewhere.

In the course, students will:

  • Expand skills in programming in @ Risk and conducting sensitively analysis
  • Develop/use existing practical hands on exercises from a number of published risk assessments, with several of the original modelers to explain how the developed the programs and then guided in the development of the programs from these examples
  • Exposure to bootstrapping methods to examples in @RISK, CrystalBall, R, and WinBUGS/OpenBUGS
  • Introduction to 2-D Monte Carlo methods
  • Introduction to iRisk, What We eat in America for conducting exposure assessments, and Interactive Catalogue for Risk Analysis all on

The course begins with an optional 1 week refresher course on basic modeling techniques. Students opting not to take this course will be requested to pass an online self-assessment test. This refresher course provides the basic principles of risk assessment and where it fits into the risk analysis process. Practical probability and statistics theory, stochastic processes and risk modeling principles are the focus of the course, which provides the participants with hands-on skills to effectively use a risk modeling software environment.

Course Information:
For course details and registration, please visit the Advanced QRA Training course page