Read what some of our past participants have had to say about their experiences in JIFSAN's program. Please note that the following opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the organization of which the source is a member.

What are participants saying?

Expert Instruction
"Lecturers did a remarkable job to avoid difficult jargon and idioms and clarify definitions, and this contributed to improve communication. The JIFSAN Certificate is a rather valuable asset in itself, but it is not only the certificate (that is important). Knowledge and contacts are both excellent."
- Hector M. Lupin, Food and Agriculture Organization (Risk Communication)

Strong curriculum
"Everything about it was strong. The information, the materials, the instructors. It's hard to pick any one thing (as being the strongest) without slighting everything else, and it was all excellent. The degree of difficulty was about right for me. I was neither snowed nor snored!"
- Michael O'Donnell, U.S. FDA Mathematician (Quantitative Risk Analysis)

Enhance your knowledge
"I found it useful and challenging. It is indeed a good overview for the topic for someone with no prior knowledge of risk analysis."
- Antionette Johnson, Department of Environmental Health (Overview of Risk Analysis)

Professional recommention
"The course was well designed and visually stimulating. I will recommend this course to all inspectors in my agency as it is a good overview."
- Steve Wilson, U.S. Department of Commerce (Overview of Risk Analysis)