Advanced Risk Assessment for Food Safety
Risk Analysis
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This advanced course provides in-depth knowledge of the modeling techniques necessary for international level risk assessments in food safety. Advanced modeling methods are covered while maintaining the focus on producing models that risk managers can understand. Strengths and weaknesses of mechanistic vs. empirical models are discussed, and the importance of parsimony in model building is emphasized. Participants will learn how to choose between potentially conflicting sources of evidence and/or modeling approaches. Existing risk models will be reviewed critically, and participants are encouraged to discuss modeling problems they are currently faced with. The course will also introduce participants to effective ways to communicate results to different audience including risk managers and/or the general public.

Working experience in at least one quantitative risk assessments of intermediate to advanced complexity is required. Alternatively, trainees who have recently attended the Introductory/Intermediate Quantitative Risk Assessment or a similar course can participate. Please contact us if you have questions about eligibility to take this course.